TraWeBa – Transformation Battery Value Chain

The project Transformation Battery Value Chain (TraWeBa) aims to bring together suppliers in the automotive battery value chain with other innovators and to operate as an innovation cluster. On this basis, a systematic and sustainable concept of knowledge and technology transfer in the areas of battery chemistry, battery production, battery recycling and second use will be established. This will enable companies to better position themselves for the disruptions in the mobility of tomor-row.

The ability to quickly transfer innovations in the areas of the battery value chain leads to a special success factor for companies, research and development partners. With the cooperation of net-work organisations that have been active for many years as well as four Fraunhofer institutes, technology scouting in companies is combined with new approaches, ideas and developments in science and by research institutions.


The transport transition is transforming the entire automotive value-added chain

In all areas of automotive value creation, the transport transition is leading to a radical transformation. Battery storage technology is particularly prominent at this point, as it accounts for a large proportion of the manufacturing costs of a battery electric vehicle (BEV). In Germany in particular, this topic plays a special role, as production capacities for lithium ion batteries (LIB) of at least 1,300 to more than 2,000 GWh are expected to be built up in Europe by the end of this decade. Overall, the entire battery value chain in Germany is a particularly important success factor for the companies concerned.

The initiatives for the development of battery materials, battery cell production technologies and recycling processes following the after-use phase are diverse.  Identifying the results from these different areas in a timely and technically sound manner requires close interlinking and presupposes a relationship of trust between the actors. The TraWeBa project takes a uniquely broad approach to this. In this way, actors in the battery value chain as well as the state of the art in research and technology are brought together and made transparent throughout Germany in a multimedia and cross-interface manner



Knowledge scouting along the entire battery value chain

The identification and accumulation of relevant information on battery activities along the entire value chain (focus on Germany and batteries for electromobility) as well as related topics is achieved by involving various scientific institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institutes IKTS, ISI, FFB and IPT and by supporting regional approaches by the cooperation partners in their respective regions.

Within the framework of knowledge scouting, the following technology areas along the battery value chain for electromobility are covered by lead partners:

  • Battery chemistry, the production of the basic materials for the battery (cathode material, etc.). The lead partner is Fraunhofer IKTS.
  • Production of the battery cells, the battery modules and the final high-voltage batteries. Focus on cell manufacturers, machinery and equipment manufacturers, component manufacturers, sensor manufacturers, automation technology and the digital economy. The lead partner is Fraunhofer FFB.
  • The subsequent use of the battery after the initial application (remanufacturing, second-use and recycling). The lead partner is Fraunhofer ISI.

In addition, the Fraunhofer Institute IPT is covering the topic on digitization of battery production in the sense of Industry 4.0 (including the digital twin, methods of artificial intelligence or the use of data-based decision support systems).

The results will be compiled using qualitative and quantitative methods and will then be made available on a low-threshold basis via the project website.


  • Summary Briefings
  • Technology profiles
  • Identification and characterization of actors


11/2022 – 06/2025


Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)

Funding code: 16THB0008A

Project Team Fraunhofer ISI

  • Axel Thielmann
  • Julia Beyersdorf
  • Maximilian Stephan


  • Automotive Agentur Niedersachsen (AANdS), c/o Innovationszentrum Niedersachsen GmbH
  •  Circular Valley Stiftung, Wuppertal
  •   saaris.motovation Saarland
  •  Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI
  • Fraunhofer Research Institution for Battery Cell Production FFB