Priv.-Doz. Dr. Ulrich Schmoch

Project Manager

  • Studied mechanical engineering and social sciences at the Universities of Hanover and Grenoble, 1977 Dipl.-Ing., 1983 Dr. phil. at the University of Hannover
  • 1978 to 1983: engineer at the Institute for Fluid Machines at the University of Hanover
  • 1983 to 1985: patent engineer at the office of patent attorney Peerbooms in Wuppertal
  • Since 1986: project manager at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI, 1991-2002 Deputy Head, 2002-2004 Head of the Department Technology Assessment and Innovation Strategies
  • Since February 2012 has been seconded to the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer as Head of the study course "M.P.A. Wissenschaftsmanagement"
  • Since October 2014 project manager at the Fraunhofer Institute, Competence Center "Emerging Technologies"

    • Industrial property rights
    • Bibliometrics 
    • Research and technology indicators
    • Technology foresight
    • Innovation models
    • Science studies
    • National innovation systems
    • Knowledge and technology transfer
    • Science management
    • Lecture at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT)
      Sociological theory: Social structures of science - SS 2011
    • Lecture "Measuring Innovation" at the University Stellenbosch, South Africa (SW 2012)
    • Head of the program "Science management" at the University Speyer; there lectures "Science systems", "Innovation and Transfer", "Internationalisation" and "Theory-Practice-Transfer briefly transfer module" between April 2012 and September 2014
    • Since 1998 Section "Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung", Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie
    • Advisory Board of the Observatoire des Sciences et des Techniques, Paris
    • 2000 Scientific Expert Group of the European Commission, "Mapping of S&T Excellence in Europe"
    • 2005-2010 Advisory Committee Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe
    • 2007-2008 Indicator Reference Group National Advisory Council on Innovation (Pretoria, Südafrika)
    • 2012-2013 Advisory Committee Elsevier Bibliometric Reserarch Program (EBRP) 
    • Identification of patents with university origin
    • Expected citation rates and classifications in bibliometrics
    • Analysis of the methodology of university rankings
    • Analysis of the service transfer of universities as reflected in service marks
    • Analysis of the structure of the South African innovation systems
    • Performance indicators for research institutions
    • Co-operation of heterogeneous partners in the science and innovation system
    • Mapping of R&D Excellence in Europe
    • Technology transfer systems in Germany and the United States
    • Technological performance of Germany
    • Knowledge and technology transfer in Germany
    • Feasibility Study for creating a European University Data Collectionation
  • Monographs

    • Achleitner, A.-K.; Allmendinger, J.; Grupp, H.; Harhoff, D.; Luther, J.; Soete, L.; Llerena, P.; Schmoch, U.; Stenke, G.; Meurer, P.; Ulbricht, L. (2009): Gutachten zu Forschung, Innovation und Technologischer Leistungsfähigkeit. EFI-Gutachten 2009. Berlin: Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation (EFI).
    • Schmoch, U. (2003): Hochschulforschung und Industrieforschung. Perspektiven der Interaktion. Frankfurt, New York: Campus Verlag.

    Books (edited)

    • Schmoch, U.; Rammer, C.; Legler, H. (2006): National Systems of Innovation in Comparison. Structure and Performance Indicators for Knowledge Societies. Dordrecht: Springer.
    • Glänzel, W.; Moed, H.; Schmoch, U. (Eds.) (2004): Handbook of Quantitative Science and Technology Research. The Use of Publication and Patent Statistics in Studies on R&D Systems, Dordrecht, Norwell, New York, London: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

    Contributions to Journals

    • Schmoch, U.; Gauch, S. (2009): Service marks as indicators for innovation in knowledge-based services. In: Research Evaluation 18 (4), pp. 323-335.
    • Schmoch, U.; Schubert, T. (2009): Appropriateness of Bibliometrics for Assessing Scientific Performance. In: Research Evaluation 36, pp. 753-762.
    • Schmoch, U. (2007): Double-boom cycles and the comeback of science-push and market-pull. In: Research Policy 36 (7), pp. 1000-1015.
    • Blind, K.; Edler, J.; Frietsch, R.; Schmoch, U. (2006): Motives to patent: Empirical evidence from Germany. In: Research Policy 35, pp. 655-672.

    Contributions to Books

    • Schmoch, U. (2014): The Informative Value of International University Rankings – Some Methodological Remarks. In: Welpe, I.M.; Wollersheim, J.; Ringelhan, S.; Osterloh, M. (Eds.): Incentives and Performance. Governance of Research Organization. Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York: Springer.
    • Schmoch, U. (2011): Germany: The role of universities in the learning economy. In: Göransson, B.; Brundenius, C. (Eds.): Universities in Transition. The Changing Role and Challenges for Academic Institutions. New York, Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London: Springer, pp. 261-282.