Transformation of corporate cultures through innovative process technologies and work organization in the context of SME-specific digitization strategies (TrueCultureDig)

The BMBF-funded joint project supports small and medium-sized companies in actively shaping their digital transformation. Digital technologies offer potential solutions, but in addition to technical development, a corporate cultural transformation is also required. Using case studies from the mechanical engineering and medical technology sectors, the project develops company-specific digitization strategies that also take into account the organizational structure and cultural conditions of corporate change.

The project is based on the assumption that the digitization of manufacturing in SMEs, implying the launch of digitization projects and the initiation of digital transformation despite the involved high complexity and uncertain long-term benefits, requires a change in organizational culture.

The project supports manufacturing SMEs in the mechanical engineering and medical technology sectors in developing suitable strategies for the digitization of selected company areas.

Based on findings from previous and ongoing digitization projects, the project derives measures on how cultural change towards a more 'digital' corporate culture can succeed.

The methods used in the project include:

  • longitudinal case studies
  • expert interviews
  • group discussions / focus groups
  • process modeling and analysis
  • use case analysis
  • roadmapping
  • SWOT and stakeholder analysis


The following outputs are to be generated by the project:

  • Development and piloting of a procedure for the systematic monitoring of organizational transformation processes
  • Support for manufacturing SMEs in the development of a suitable digitization strategy
  • Deriving suitable measures for strengthening a 'digital' corporate culture
  • Development of an internet-based benchmarking tool
  • Dissemination measures (website, press releases, publications, conferences, etc.)






Projektträger Karlsruhe (PTKA)


  • iAi Bochum Institut für angewandte Innovationsforschung (IAI) e.V.
  • Institut für Smart Systems und Services (IoS³) der Hochschule Pforzheim
  • phenox GmbH
  • Scherzinger Pumpen GmbH & Co.