Results of Public and Private Research: Patents

In this study, commissioned by the Expert Commission Research and Innovation (EFI), which is integrated in the entire reporting system of the Expert Commission, Fraunhofer ISI contributes to the evaluation of the performance of the German science and research system by analyzing patent applications. Patents mirror the output of application-oriented research and development.

The dynamics and structures of patenting activity and technological specialization are investigated in an international comparison. The investigation covers the period from 1994 and predominantly deals with international comparisons for a wide array of countries. Transnational patents, separated by 35 high-technology fields including aggregate categories (high-tech, leading-edge technology, other technology) are calculated and analyzed. In addition to country comparisons trends in international co-patents, trademark registrations and patents of German universities and research institutions will be analyzed. In addition, patent statistics at the level of German federal states will be provided.

Within three additional modules, global innovations, effects of the German "Excellence Initiative" and secular trends in terms of innovation and technological change are considered.

Description, analyses and interpretation of recent technological trends (country- and field specific) by patent indicators




  • Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation (EFI), Geschäftsstelle Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft