Monitoring the Performance of EU Industry and EU Industrial Ecosystems

Like its predecessor project Advanced Technologies for Industry (ATI), the project "Monitoring the Performance of EU Industry and EU Industrial Ecosystems" (EMI) aims at a comprehensive documentation and analysis of developments and trends in Europe's diverse industrial domains and service sectors. The fourteen "industrial ecosystems" put forward in the European Commission's industrial strategy form the basis of the analysis. In addition, existing monitoring data on central key technologies which had been developed in the earlier KETS Observatory and ATI projects will be updated and supplemented by information on "green technologies". The project is being carried out by a broad-based consortium consisting of Technopolis, Fraunhofer ISI, IDEA Consult and PricewaterhouseCoopers

The objective of the project is to document progress and barriers in the implementation of the Twin Transitions (digitisation and sustainability) in Europe's different economic sectors ("industrial ecosystems"). By means of various methods, it will moreover generate knowledge on the resilience of and specific developments in different economic sectors.


One main objective of the project is the creation of comprehensive and innovative data sets on various topics such as technology generation (patents), trademarks, trade, human capital and start-up activities, on the basis of which numerous sector- and country-specific reports as well as regular summary presentations will be drafted. In this context, Fraunhofer ISI is particularly involved in the development of new definitions and delimitations in the patent, trademark and trade sectors. In addition, qualitative research and document analysis, will be conducted as part of the preparation of the numerous reports, including the preparation of case studies. In addition, a concise foresight study will be prepared as part of the project.


Fraunhofer ISI is involved in the preparation of the following reports:

  • General Report on Developments in the European Union
  • Report on methodology (Methodological Report)
  • Report on the industrial ecosystem mobility / automotive
  • Report on the Industrial Ecosystem Electronics
  • Report on the Industrial Ecosystem Health Care Industry
  • Country Report China
  • Country Report Singapore
  • Country Report Germany
  • Country Report Austria
  • Country Report Hungary





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