Max Priebe

Max Priebe is a project manager and research associate at Fraunhofer ISI. At the Competence Center Foresight, he focuses on strategic foresight for society, politics and public administration as well as on questions of innovation governance. In the context of his dissertation at the Institute for Science in Society, he investigates practices of foresight and anticipation as well as their circulation and institutionalization. In doing so, he pursues the question of what it takes to establish future directions in pluralistic, spatially diverse, and contested contexts. Previously, Max studied regional science and sociology at HU Berlin and UC Berkeley. He graduated from the Master's program in Futures Studies in 2017 with a discourse-analytic study of Berlin's Smart City Vision, where he has been teaching critical futures studies, vision assessment and Science and Technology Studies ever since. Since 2021, Max has been engaged in several studies and research projects on the institutionalization of strategic foresight in government, advising the German Chancellery, among others. Additionally, he has been researching mission-oriented policy approaches as well as participation for policy learning and advised, among others, the BMBF in the conception and implementation of the participation process of the High-Tech Strategy.