Participatory regional dialogs for the further development of the Federal Government's High-Tech Strategy (HTS)

The High-Tech Strategy 2025 (HTS) is the current research and innovation strategy of the Federal Government. Its goal is to increase innovation dynamics in Germany in order to develop new solutions for emerging societal challenges.

The participation process aims to include new perspectives from society into the further development of the HTS. For this purpose, seven regional dialogues will take place in different German regions from June to August 2020. They each consist of an online discussion and one or two stakeholder conferences (in digital form and on-site). Based on the Co-Creation approach, traditional as well as new actors from science and society are invited to come together to develop region-specific solutions for societal challenges.

The results of the regional dialogs are evaluated with regard to new challenges, innovation cultures and future competencies for Germany. For this reason, proposals will be drawn up in a supra-regional results dialogue with various stakeholders, innovation experts and the High-Tech Forum, and then presented and discussed as impulses for the further development of the High-Tech Strategy in a round table with representatives of all ministries.

The accompanying online platform provides a forum for all citizens to participate actively in the further development of the High-Tech Strategy 2025.


12/2019 – 12/2020


Bundesministerium für Forschung und Entwicklung BMBF


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