Futures Dialogs

We design and manage processes for the development of alternative futures, e.g. scenario processes. The aim is to integrate different perspectives, outline existing space of play, and to open up options for action for different actor groups. For each field of observation we collect and analyze relevant developments through quantitative analyses, future surveys, and various workshop formats. The stakeholders involved are encouraged to actively take up design options.

We adapt our scenario or visioning processes to each client's specific objectives, for example, by organizing participation or analyzing the degree of transformation. In addition to methodological knowledge, we also bring in subject-specific expertise to the process.

We develop and test new methods for creating futures dialogs:

  • Futures scenarios, the associated spaces of play, and options for action are developed and illustrated together with a wide range of actors, e.g. in scenarios and visioning processes.
  • Area-specific perceptual filters are expanded to overcome path dependencies, e.g. by dealing with extreme scenarios or with perspectives of other groups of actors.
  • Common goals and ideas as well as areas of conflict between different groups of actors are made visible and become the starting point for discursive processes, e.g. Delphi surveys, world cafés, futures workshops.