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Press Release / 23.10.2020

Fraunhofer ISI launches online survey on "Future Battery Skills Needs"

The global battery demand will dramatically increase in the future. This will create new jobs that require specific battery knowledge and skills. But which future skills are exactly needed? To answer this question, Fraunhofer ISI in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance and the Fraunhofer Academy conducts a new online survey which addresses battery experts from industry and public organisations. The survey runs until November 30th.

Event / 22.10.2020

Mapping and measuring socio-technical transition dynamics by means of discourse network analysis

On October 22, 2020 Prof. Dr. Bernhard Truffer will be a virtual guest at Fraunhofer ISI. The lecture “Mapping and measuring socio-technical transition dynamics by means of discourse network analysis” will start at 15:00.



IST 2021 will be hosted by Fraunhofer ISI

We are happy to announce that the next IST conference will take place in Karlsruhe and be hosted by Fraunhofer ISI. In this video, our Executive Director Jakob Edler explains what awaits you 2021 in Karlsruhe.

Press Release / 12.10.2020

Who drives the European food sector towards more sustainability? Three scenarios for 2035

Many social and technological trends are influencing our food system – but what could the European food sector look like in 2035 and which role will play sustainability? To answer these questions, a new study within the European FOX research project presents three scenarios of alternative developments for the food sector along its entire value chain – from production and processing through packaging and logistics to sales and consumption. Each scenario has a different focus on policy, industry or research.

Press Release / 8.10.2020

Fuel cell trucks: 140 refueling stations are enough

Hydrogen-powered trucks feature prominently in Germany's National Hydrogen Strategy and are one way to decarbonize road freight transport. Refueling infrastructure is a decisive factor for this technology to catch on. Fraunhofer ISI has calculated that a network of 140 refueling stations is enough to meet the hydrogen demand of fuel cell trucks in 2050. The costs for this amount to around nine billion euros per year.

Press Release / 5.10.2020

Toolbox makes it possible to improve the analysis and planning of the heat supply

How is heat demand spread within regions or towns in Europe? Where are the available renewable energy sources to meet this demand? Researchers from Fraunhofer ISI worked on answering these questions in an EU-wide project called Hotmaps, as part of a consortium of research institutions and cities coordinated by the TU Wien. The project team has now published a web-based Open Source toolbox that enables cities, regions and countries in Europe to determine and model their heating and cooling demand, and then develop strategies based on this.


The scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI annually publish more than 200 publications including research reports, books, working papers and scientific articles which together cover the broad spectrum of ISI's research. Every month, the latest Fraunhofer ISI specialist publications will be updated in an institute-wide list.