Lecture / 22.6.2022

"Do I really have to share my research data?" – Talk by Inmaculada Aleixos Borrás

On July 11, 2022, Inmaculada Aleixos Borrás will give a talk on the topic "Do I really have to share my research data? No, but… requirements on research data by the European Commission and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft". The presentation will start at 13:00.

Press Release / 15.6.2022

Climate protection and district heating: Regulatory frameworks in Europe

In cooperation with Tilia GmbH, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) and IREES – Institute for Resource Efficiency and Energy Strategies, Fraunhofer ISI conducted a study on the district heating market in Europe. The study contributes to an enhanced knowledge of European District Heating and Cooling (DHC) markets, needed to develop policies, initiatives and projects contributing to achieving the decarbonization targets set by the European Green Deal. 

Press Release / 9.6.2022

New plug-in hybrids deviate even more from test cycle fuel consumption than older vehicle models

For a joint study, Fraunhofer ISI and the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) analyzed extensive data for about 9,000 plug-in hybrids across Europe. The analysis shows the fuel consumption values of plug-in hybrid vehicles on average are significantly higher than the official test results – and recently further increased.



50 Years ISI

Press Release / 24.5.2022

Electric trucks: new data maps out priority locations for charging points

The aim of this new study conducted by Fraunhofer ISI on behalf of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) is to map out exactly where truck drivers make their stops today, and which of these truck stops are most frequently used, in order to identify priority locations for charging points.

Press Release / 16.5.2022

What will solid-state batteries be like in the future?

Fraunhofer ISI has developed a roadmap for solid-state batteries in which it critically evaluates existing research as well as the latest findings and compares their development potential over the next ten years with that of established lithium-ion batteries. The roadmap demonstrates that solid-state batteries have a lot of potential, but will have to prove their commercial viability in the next five years.

New Publication / 25.4.2022

"A clean planet for all" - New report on EU climate policy released

A new report for the German Environment Agency (UBA) by Fraunhofer ISI,  Ecologic Institute Berlin and Guidehouse Cologne assesses the EU Commission's Vision “A clean planet for all” and indicates important next steps in the current european climate policy regarding transport, industry and building sectors.

Press Release / 19.4.2022

High energy prices drive up need for energy savings

Due to the invasion of Ukraine energy prices are rising across Europe and are likely to remain higher than projected for the European Union. A new study shows that the EU’s economic energy savings potentials are growing as energy prices increase.

The study was conducted by Fraunhofer ISI and Stefan Scheuer Consulting.

Policy Summary / 12.4.2022

New Policy Summary "How 'green' are electric vehicles regarding the charged electricity?" published

Plug-in electric vehicles are a promising option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport - especially if the electricity used for charging comes from renewable sources. In this context, a new Policy Summary provides an overview of existing studies and presents additional data on the electricity contracts of users and charge point operators.


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