Online  /  January 26, 2023, 10:00–11:00

Smartphone based digital identities using facial recognition for public services in Spain

Presentation of the EU-“IMPULSE”-solution and discussion of use cases and requirements for adopting digital ID solutions in Spain

The objective of this 1-hour online workshop is to present the mobile and “self-sovereign” digital identity solution developed in the EU-project IMPULSE and to discuss user needs, use cases and technical and regulatory requirements for digital identity solutions in Spain.

The workshop starts with a short introduction to the IMPULSE-solution and a quick overview of our experiences when implementing it in pilot cases. Then there will be three participatory breakout sessions. In these, we will discuss with the participants (1) digital identity use cases and user needs in the Spanish public and private sectors; (2) technical requirements of digital identity solutions; and (3) reflect on the regulatory context for implementing digital identity solutions in Spain.



The workshop is intended for everyone interested in digital identity solutions. This includes:

  • Digital strategists and designers who develop online services that require a digital identity
  • Technical experts from public administrations and private companies, and digital ID vendors
  • Startups and independent technologists
  • Policy and regulatory professional who work issues related to digital identities
  • IT lawyers
  • Consumer associations, digital-rights NGOs and other civil society organisations
  • Academics


Key questions

Key questions to be discussed in the workshop are:  What use cases are there for digital identities in Spain, among public administrations and private companies? What are the needs of end users, public administrations and firms? What technical requirements do digital identity solutions have to meet to be viable? What are legal and regulatory requirements? What needs to be considered in the implementation process? 


Why attend?

Participants will get a state-of-the-art overview of the topic and will have the possibility to share their views and expectations about the possibilities and requirements of introducing a digital identity solution in their working context in general, and in particular with respect to the IMPULSE-solution.