What are the trends in biologization and advanced manufacturing technologies?

Introducing numerous new technologies to the production technique increases the spectrum of technical possibilities – and this shifts the feasibility boundaries in industrial production. The most important technological drivers are digitalization, automatization and autonomization. 3D manufacturing processes and biologization, i. e. using biological principles in technology, as well as employing biotechnological manufacturing processes and processing bio-based raw materials.

On the one hand, here innovations can begin on the micro level of individual components or materials, for example by designs inspired by nature. On the other hand, on the macro level, they can fundamentally transform the production and added value, one example here is a fully automated and decentralized “on demand production” or the recycling of valuable materials. This way manufacturing processes can become more flexible, more efficient and more sustainable, also the development and production of new products becomes possible.

Fraunhofer ISI analyses how production and value-added processes are changed by new technologies and which developments and challenges go hand in hand with these transformation processes. On the one hand, the scientists look at the direct usage context and the users' perspective. On the other hand, they investigate from an overarching perspective what contributions they make to addressing societal needs and to solving central global challenges.


Research production battery cell Germany

In this project, Fraunhofer ISI develops planning instruments, which support the management of the battery cell research production when designing and optimizing the business model and the range of services of the battery cell research production. A particular focus is on identifying the users' demands to the battery cell from research and industry as well as on the continual screening of battery and production technologies, which can be developed further to series production.

Perspectives for carbon-neutral battery production in Germany

Many aspects are important to realize more sustainable battery production, from extracting the raw materials through to closed-loop recycling. The focus of this project is on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced when manufacturing batteries. Various measures are identified and classified within this project that decrease the greenhouse emissions, especially CO2, in battery cell production.

Monitoring progressive technologies in the producing sector

In this project instruments and indicators to monitor and analyze the development and the deployment of progressive technologies in the producing sector of the European Union were developed. In product, sector and country reports the position and the development potentials of the EU in strategic industrial value chains were examined in detail.

Potentials of bio intelligence in Baden-Württemberg

In this study, leading actors from science and – for the first time – also from industry gauged which innovation potentials can be shown by using bio intelligence in central exemplary value-added systems in Baden-Württemberg. For this purpose, promising approaches for bio intelligence were identified, their potential analyzed and the necessary steps for implementation derived.