How are innovation processes changing due to AI?

Research questions

  • How does the use of AI affect established knowledge and innovation processes?
  • Which research fields and applications benefit the most from new AI technologies?
  • How does AI change the knowledge processes in science and research?
  • What distinguishes human learning from machine learning?


Deepen Genomics: Opportunities and challenges of the convergence of artificial intelligence, modern human genomics, and genome editing

The project aims to analyze the opportunities and challenges presented by the convergence of artificial intelligence (especially in the form of deep learning systems) with rapid advances in modern genome analysis and genome editing, and to identify the social and political implications involved.

Orientation towards the common good in the digital age: Transformation narratives between planetary boundaries and artificial intelligence

The project analyzes and develops ethical concepts and narratives for societal change processes (transformations). It explicitly considers digital technologies with a potential to fundamentally change current relationships between humans, technology and the environment (disruptive digital technologies), especially artificial intelligence.

EuDEco – Modelling the European Data Economy

EuDEco contributed to the understanding of the European data economy and its capacity to be self-sustaining. Emphasis was put on the analysis of existing use cases, business models and value networks as well as on the development of new use cases and business models that are legally possible, socially acceptable, economically viable and technically feasible.