Modelling the European Data Economy (EuDEco)

EuDEco contributes to the understanding of the European data economy and its capacity to be self-sustaining. With the help of a continuously refined model of the data economy, recommendations to deal with key barriers and challenges faced in the context of data reuse are formulated. Emphasis is put on the analysis of existing use cases, business models and value networks as well as on the development of new use cases and business models that are legally possible, socially acceptable, economically viable and technically feasible. Additionally, an observatory to track the development of the data economy is created.



Funding body

  • European Commission, DG Connect, H2020 (ICT-15-2014: Big data and open data innovation and take up)


  • Rooter Analysis SL, Spain

  • Ascora GmbH, Germany

  • Universität Leiden, The Netherlands

  • IVSZ, Hungary