What does electric mobility imply for sharing schemes, businesses and municipalities?

Research questions

  • What role do businesses and municipalities play when switching to e-mobility?
  • Which actors influence the conversion of fleets to electric drives?
  • How can e-mobility be successfully integrated into sharing schemes?
  • How do car-sharing and other mobility innovations such as automated driving interact with e-mobility?


Karlsruhe Mobility High Performance Center / Profilregion

The Karlsruhe institutions for research, teaching and transfer in the field of mobility systems are clustered in the “Karlsruhe Mobility High Performance Center / Profilregion”. This is a High Performance Center for Mobility Research, which offers comprehensive expertise across a wide range of disciplines combined with in-depth technical knowledge. The High Performance Center pools people and competencies as well as equipment and prior studies of the institutions in order to conduct systemic research on the mobility of people and goods in a consortium covering a whole range of disciplines, and offers external partners a central point of contact.


The interdisciplinary research project MobileCityGame offers a straightforward and generally comprehensible alternative to time-consuming and cost-intensive urban planning procedures using an approach combining gamification, citizen science and participation. Existing simulation models as well as data concerning infrastructure, technologies and behavior are reduced to their basic functions and linked to a dynamic overall model. The result of MobileCityGame is a fully operational demonstrator of an interactive simulation game for urban sustainability and mobility policy that is calibrated for Karlsruhe.

Further projects

  • Scientific monitoring, networking and transfer of results for the technology program “ICT for electric mobility: smart applications for mobility, logistics and energy”.