Research for the future

How can we tackle the global challenges of our time? What will the world of tomorrow look like and do we have to do in order to successfully survive? How do we arrive at intelligent innovations and solutions? As independent pioneers for society, politics and industry we deal with these questions and explore new avenues in order to find answers. Our range of issues includes questions from areas such as sustainable energies, mobility, internet policies/data protection, economic competitiveness as well as futures research and technology foresight.

Our strength is our scientists’ wide scientific competence.  Social scientists, economists, natural scientists, engineers, and industrial engineers work closely together at Fraunhofer ISI. We investigate issues and trends from different perspectives. Our studies rely on a broad spectrum of creative and advanced scientific theories, models, methods and measuring insruments.

Apprenticeship as office management assistant

The Fraunhofer ISI provides training for the commercial profession ‚officer manager‘ and offers an optimal start to a professional career. Your future place of work is well connected and organized. You will welcome visitors and deal with colleagues and external partners, either face-to-face or on the telephone. As an assistant you will co-ordinate appointments, prepare meetings and take care of correspondence. You will also gain insights into many other interesting areas of the institute such as Human Resources and controlling.


Internships for students

At Fraunhofer ISI, we offer student internships in the administration and in the scientific Competence Centers. If you are interested, please contact Tamara Striebel.


More offers

Furthermore, events such as the Fraunhofer Talent School and cooperation days, e.g. with the BeoNetzwerk, take place regularly.

  • The Fraunhofer Talent School is a program for talented youngsters between 15 and 18 who have a wide range of interests and would like to find out more about current scientific issues and enjoy dealing with them. Together with young researchers of the same age and experienced scientists of Fraunhofer ISI those who are interested can go on a discovery tour as part of the Fraunhofer Talent School.

    Fraunhofer encourages young talent

    When he launched the Fraunhofer Talent School in 2007 in Munich Professor Hans-Jörg Bullinger, former president of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, appealed to polics, industry and society to now forge a new “Alliance of the Best“, “the Fraunhofer Talent School invests in the next generation, encourages and supports it at the same time. In a country without raw materials our children’s inquiring minds are the best capital!“

    The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, leading organisation for applied research in Germany, wants to come into contact with tomorow’s researchers early on. The prrogram adresses talented and gifted youngsters and gives them the opportunity to have an insight into research at Fraunhofer. 

    Conditions for participation

    The Fraunhofer Talent School is open to all students in years 10 to 13 if their teachers suggest them or if they can prove special abilities in the area of the respective workshop topics. A general condition is the willingness and enthusiasm to explore new topics independently and together, to work on them, to document and communicate them. Current Fraunhofer Talent Schools at different Fraunhofer Institutes at a glance.

  • Students who want to emerge themselves in the multifacetted world of mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology (MINT) while still at scchool or who  wish to discuss starting a degree course in science or technology at university Fraunhofer has the Internet portal “my Talent“.

    The “myTalent Portal“ offers a wealth of information on the professional environment of the MINT subjects, direct contacts to researchers and the opportunity to exchange ideas with others, via chats, forums and email. The myTalent portal is open to all who have participated in a newcomer program of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft or a cooperation partner. Also students who have a high affinity to the MINT area (mathematics, information science, natural science technology) can register for myTalent.