Integration of Sustainability and Digitization at the EU Level and Institutional Challenges of Systemic Policy Approaches

With the Green Deal announced in 2019, the European Commission aims to drive Europe's digital and green transformation by 2050. For the realization of a climate-neutral continent, a circular economy and a pollution-free environment, digitalization brings new approaches to solutions, but also new risks for sustainable development. The research project therefore assumes that a more integrated policy approach will be required in the future at the EU policy level in order to systematically link sustainability and digitization and also to anchor them structurally in the EU administration.

The main objective of the project is to identify institutional gaps and organizational conditions (capabilities) at the EU level that stand in the way of an integrated policy approach. In addition, new capabilities are to be developed in the environmental department with which German policy could support such an integrated policy approach, e.g. with the help of foresight methods.

  • Literature and document analysis
  • Actor and network analysis
  • Graphical mapping of actors and networks
  • Expert interviews
  • Foresight training
  • Workshops

The following project results are expected

  • Recommendations to EU policy makers for an integrated policy approach
  • Concept for stakeholder workshops
  • Approx. five discussion papers
  • Working aid on foresight methods
  • UBA Scientific Opinion Paper




German Environment Agency