New impulses for sustainable and resilient development processes in structurally weak regions of change (IMPER)

The scientific project accompanying the funding initiative "WIR! - Change through Innovation in the Region" aims to identify new impulses for sustainable and resilient development processes in structurally weak regions of change and to develop conclusions for new structural and innovation policy measures on this basis. The aim is to contribute to the expansion of the knowledge base in the field of innovation-based structural change, especially with regard to dynamic, sustainable and resilient development paths and the reduction of regional disparities. The focus is on the question of how regions in transition cope with acute shocks and what the implications are for sustainable and resilient regional development. Using a mix of methods, theoretical-conceptual approaches are to be empirically tested and, on this basis, new insights for regions, politics and science are to be developed and made available to a broad public.

Based on the differentiated nature of structurally weak regions, starting points for measures to promote innovation and regional transformation are to be identified and conclusions for new funding approaches in the context of WIR! are to be derived. The aim is to gain knowledge in the field of regional change and transformation, to develop new insights into the importance of resilience in regional structural change and to identify new approaches to regional structural and innovation policy for structurally weak regions.

A mix of methods is envisaged, consisting of the following elements:

  • Literature reviews on key development determinants in the context of transformation and resilience.
  • Preparation of working papers and further publications
  • Interviews and short case studies in selected regions (including analysis of baseline conditions and regional contexts)
  • Workshops (physical or via digital platforms) with regions on new fields of political action in the sense of on-site feedback loops
  • Discussion of the first interim results with the BMBF to exchange initial analysis results
  • Publication workshops for the scientific discussion of the findings and the preparation of scientific publications.
  • Non-public event at the BMBF to present and discuss innovation policy conclusions




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