Study of Saxony as a start-up location

The Free State of Saxony supports the realization of numerous entrepreneurial business ideas based on its present start-up business strategy. Politically, a dynamic start-up culture is seen as the driving force for a competitive economic structure in the future. Worldwide, start-ups receive monetary and non-monetary support. Saxony provides primarily monetary support via specific subsidy and loan programs, but also by awarding prize money and grants. In addition to financial support, hybrid and non-monetary support initiatives have recently become more important, such as start-up and business plan competitions, accelerators, setting up technology and innovation centers and providing co-working spaces.

The available and provided information, data and figures on Saxony's start-up scene do indicate the fundamental economic importance of these start-ups for the Saxon economy. However, they are not sufficiently detailed, differentiated or analytically processed to enable a comprehensive overview of the conditions of the start-up business scene in Saxony, or to be able to derive specific recommendations for activities to strengthen and further develop the support for start-ups here. This gap will be closed by the study of Saxony as a start-up location.


Compiling a comprehensive study of Saxony as a start-up location covering the following main points:    

  • Start-ups and company formations in Saxony, their relevance for the overall economic development in the state, current trends in start-up sectors, especially digitalization, potentials for development, internationalization, investment, innovation and growth for the sector, need for action and support,
  • Labor and skilled worker situation of Saxon start-ups, potentials for ensuring sector-related qualifications and skilled workers, need for action and support
  • Knowledge transfer and networking with universities and research institutions: relevance for the support landscape for start-ups and company foundations in Saxony - location factors and financing situation for Saxon start-ups,
  • Recommendations for action for policymakers and administration and for the respective actors in Saxony's start-up ecosystem.



  • Online surveys of start-ups and actors in start-up support
  • Interviews with those responsible for transfer in scientific organizations
  • Case studies of start-ups and multiplicators in the start-up ecosystem
  • Interviews with company founders
  • Research in company, support and patent databases
  • Secondary statistical analyses





State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport in Saxony