Societal Change and Innovation

The Business Unit is coordinated by Dr. Susanne Bührer.

Projects of the Business Unit Societal Change and Innovation

Innovation policy and practice are increasingly focusing on the role of civil society actors. Against this background, the business unit "Societal change and innovation" explores the diverse patterns of relationships between society, the economy, science and politics as well as the impacts these have on research and innovation processes. Particular attention is paid to the question of how to design policy measures to do justice to the growing relevance of civil society actors, and what implications this has for impact measurement.


  • New concepts of impact measurement and impact research (societal, systemic and political effects, SDGs)
  • Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Organizational change, strategies of organizations
  • Micro-perspective: policy implications of gender and mobility
  • New kinds of innovation and their political implications, social innovation
  • Enhancing civil society capacities and resources for sustainable and resilient socio-technical systems