Innovation and Regulation

The Business Unit is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Knut Blind.

Projects of the Business Unit Innovation and Regulation

The analysis and assessment of regulatory framework conditions in terms of their innovation effects is the core task of the Business Unit Regulation and Innovation. Our research provides background knowledge and impulses for shaping innovation-friendly regulatory frameworks, primarily for government decision-makers. However, we are also interested in the self-regulation of actors in business and society, particularly in the form of standardization, so that we can also offer expert advice to decision-makers in business and other non-governmental organizations. Our distinguishing feature is our profound knowledge of how regulation and standardization function at national, European and international level and the dynamics involved. We look at the innovation effects of the entire quality infrastructure, which includes certification and accreditation in addition to regulation and standardization and also metrology.

Our scientific policy and management consulting concentrates on the analysis of

  • Foresight with regard to the future need for regulation and standardization
  • Field tests and testbeds
  • Innovation-oriented impact analyses of regulations and standards
  • Screening the implementation of standards
  • Analysis of evidence-based regulation and standardization

We command a broad range of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods. These enable us to apply a customized mix of methods to all questions relating to the assessment and analysis of (self) regulatory framework conditions. These methods include various regulation and standardization indicators, (online) surveys and the generation of company, economic, innovation and market data from databases, as well as interviews, participatory and discursive methods such as focus groups, workshops and expert hearings. We also use publication and patent analyses, mainly in the context of standardization.

The Business Unit’s scientific analyses and expert reports help decision-makers to better understand the scope and impacts of government regulation and standardization driven by interest groups with regard to their effects on innovation. In this way, we contribute to all actors in the innovation system acting in an informed, forward-looking and effective way.