This project analyses qualitative and quantitative data from existing sources in order to provide an integrated view of industrial modernisation in Europe and how to improve the monitoring of industrial modernisation. The overarching goal of this project is to support the development of better information for policy-making.



In order to analyse the industrial modernisation the deployment of advanced technologies and services, regional specialisation and industrial cooperation will be set in the focus. Next to assessing data variables and indicators and methodologies, five case studies will be developed where combination of existing monitorings makes sense and provides an additional insight for assessing industry modernisation in comparison to those obtained from individual initiatives.


Based on the insights study provides recommendations on how the statistical and qualitative analysis should be better pursued in the future to assess industry modernisation and contribute to the development of better policies at regional, national and EU levels. Moreover, it contributes to a more integrated monitoring of the modernisation of the European industry by combining statistical indicators, data and related qualitative information that are currently available at the Commission services.


The report can be found here.


None so far.




  • European Commission, DG GROW


  • Idea Consult
  • Technopolis Consulting Group
  • Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW)