Dr. Jutta Niederste-Hollenberg

Project Manager

Dr. Jutta Niederste-Hollenberg is a civil engineer with a focus on urban water management and environmental technology. After a research stay in Central America and her doctorate at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) in the field of New Sanitation Systems and their impact on municipal wastewater management, she managed the strategic planning in a wastewater association for two and a half years. Since September 2008, she has been working as a scientist and project manager at Fraunhofer ISI's Competence Center “Sustainability and Infrastructure Systems“. In her research, she deals with questions of sustainable water management, in particular sustainable urban water infrastructure systems and micro-pollutants in water bodies. She also works on transition processes in infrastructures, resource economics and sustainability assessment. She is a member of the DWA Working Group KA 1.8 “Research and Development Needs“ within the scope of New Sanitation Systems. She is vice president of fbr, and member of the scientific board of BDZ.