Results of public and private research: publications

Regular and continuous monitoring of the research and innovation system permits an assessment of the current and future competitiveness of a national economy. In this context scientific publications show the results of research processes. Most publications come from public research institutions and therefore essentially permit an assessment of the scientific performance of a national science system. In the entire indicator system for the assessment of the technological competitiveness of national economies publications therefore take a position between input as for example human capital, R&D applications or research staff and between progress indicators for the assessment of market-oriented activities (Grupp 1997).

The Fraunhofer ISI offers to examine the scientific publications in the context of reports by Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation. Based on the scientific publications which have been recorded in the Web of Science (WoS), a set of selected countries are examined in the period from the year 2000 onwards in regard to the absolute number and impact of these publications. The publications are assigned to the countries on the basis of the author addresses according to fractional counting.

Grupp, H. (1997): Messung und Erklärung des technischen Wandels: Grundzüge einer empirischen Innovationsökonomik. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag GmbH.




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