Addressing productivity paradox with big data: implications to policy making (BIGPROD)

The BIGPROD project investigates the extent to which changing innovation processes have influenced the productivity slowdown observed in Western economies. Particular attention is paid to the increasing importance of intangible assets as key resources and the increased degree of networking, among other things within the framework of open innovation.

The objective of the BIGPROD project is to extend existing econometric approaches to productivity, such as the Crepon-Duguet-Mairesse (CDM) model, with theoretically sound Big data measures that are operationalized, validated through pilots and communicated to relevant stakeholders.

The project will include panel data econometrics, case studies, big-data approaches and the use of innovation indicators.

The BIGPROD project addresses the work program by enabling the exploitation of Big data in productivity analysis with a transparent operationalization and pilots addressing key issues in integrating Big data to the policy cycle. The rigorous theoretical approach will enable a better understanding of the “quasi-standstill“ of productivity. Using a tested data architecture, now being expanded, the project will address data accuracy and security. The impact assessment will allow us to create stakeholder validated results. Finally, outreach to existing indicator sets, such as observatories, will allow findings to be deployed.




European Commission


  • VTT
  • PPMI
  • University Maastricht
  • Technical University Delft