B2B digital – Studying the status and prospects of digital B2B commerce platforms for large-scale industry

While new B2C commerce concepts have already been transforming people’s private buying behavior for some time, B2B commerce is also undergoing a transformation. Digitalization, new technologies and digital platforms are becoming increasingly important and transforming traditional business relationships. Large companies, in particular, are important players in this process and they will decisively determine the breakthrough of major developments.

This scientific study to determine the status and future prospects of digital sales models based on B2B commerce platforms aims to evaluate the evolving B2B commerce. It will identify and assess the demand for digital sales models and conduct an analysis of future trends in the field of B2B commerce. The study focuses on large companies in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

In addition to identifying the demand and future trends, the companies are evaluated in terms of their digital readiness and development opportunities are determined based on the results. Analytically, it will be possible to draw differentiated conclusions on specific areas of responsibility. As a result, a company-specific benchmarking is also made available to the participating companies.

  • Developing a better understanding of the status and future trends and challenges of digital commerce in large-scale industry in the DACH region (Germany-Austria-Switzerland).
  • Analyzing large companies with regard to their digital readiness and possible transformation steps
  • Comparing the digital readiness of large companies using a benchmarking tool
  • Supporting knowledge transfer for companies and policy discussions


  • Desk research to identify and document potential trends in digital B2B commerce.
  • Design and conduct case studies based on guided interviews and a standardized survey
  • Analysis of the case studies:
    • structured evaluation of the results using content analysis and categorical data clustering
    • differentiated analysis of the interviews and data using structured differentiation and company-internal defined fields of action
    • thematic and temporal clustering as well as prioritizing trends, e.g. through roadmaps
  • Preparation of the results in a scientific study and short information modules for companies and policymakers.

Based on the case studies conducted, the project will result in a written and published study on the demand for digital sales models relying on B2B commerce platforms.

The company-specific benchmarking will make the main findings transparent for the participating companies. In addition, through the transfer of the findings, these will receive pointers about the future orientation and design of their digital commerce.

Statements can be made about digital B2B commerce in large-scale industry in the DACH region based on the benchmarking analysis. The results of the analysis provide the main fields of actions and options for discussion with political decision-makers.