Study on the Economic Relevance of B2B Internet Platforms


The first objective of the proposed study is to make valid and representative statements on the current state of diffusion and the planned future use of B2B platforms for manufacturing - differentiated according to product distribution platforms and platforms for the distribution of digital services.

The second main objective of the proposed study is to use state-of-the-art econometric methods to generate valid data on the current and potential economic significance of B2B platforms, which will also be processed differentiated according to industries, regions and operational characteristics.



It is proposed to use the data of the industrial survey Modernisation of Production, which has been carried out by Fraunhofer ISI every three years since 1993.

The calculation of the economic effects is primarily based on the results at company level, which are supplemented by data from official statistics on the development of value added in the individual sectors as well as the results of a literature analysis, the interviews and the reference survey.

Both quantitative-analytical approaches are supplemented by explorative, qualitative interviews in industrial enterprises and ICT providers as well as by analyses of the ICT and media sector and the sector of knowledge-intensive service providers.s


On the basis of the generated findings, implications for regulatory, innovation and industrial policy measures will be defined. For companies, the results should provide inputs for the adaptation of their innovation and competitive strategies. This could make an important contribution to achieving the goal of establishing Germany as the lead market for i4.0 solutions.




Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy