WIRtschaften 2040 - Wachstum, Wohlstand und Teilhabe (WEconomy 2040 - Growth, Welfare and Inclusion)

The Corona Crisis is not a current growth problem that we can simply sit out but an accelerator for the structural change that has affected the German economy even before the pandemic. Digitalization, globalization, demographic change and also the consequences of our immense consumption of natural resources are the driving forces of these changes. At the same time, the challenge of ensuring an inclusive society is growing. The changes will be fundamental and will affect all areas of the economy and society.

In order to shape the change, the Fraunhofer ISI, on behalf of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, has designed and implemented a multi-stage scenario process. Within the framework of the project "WIRtschaften 2040", scenarios and policy recommendations for Germany were developed together with experts from leading economic research institutes and from economy, politics and society.