Foresight on Demand “Fighting Cancer“

The overall objective of the project was to support the "Mission Board on Cancer" ("Fighting Cancer") from a forward-looking perspective when defining their mission. The concept of "missions" as one of the novel cornerstones of Horizon Europe, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2021-2027, was introduced in the course of the programmatic debates on the direction of future EU R&I policy.

We used a foresight approach with different approaches:

  • identifying internal and external trends that influence how and along which paths the topic of cancer could develop in the future,
  • identifying new actors as well as social practices, technologies and innovations that are critical to the direction, in which the topic might evolve and
  • description of the main challenges, threats and opportunities arising from socio-economic, biophysical and technological changes which may trigger the need for new research and new processes

Various trends, challenges and developments were identified and described by means of literature and internet research (scoping paper). In virtual work and in three short workshops, together with the Mission Board we have

  1. discussed and extended the list of developments,
  2. described scenarios and
  3. created a timeline ("roadmap") of various possible developments according to the time of their realisation - from different stakeholder perspectives


08/2019 – 06/2020


European Commission


AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

The Mission Board on Cancer submitted its report containing the Foresight results to the European Commission in fall 2020.