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Press Release / 25.9.2019

Carbon-neutral energy from power-to-X: Economic opportunity and ecological limitations for Morocco

As a very sunny and windy country, Morocco is predestined to generate electricity from renewable energy sources. By applying Power-to-X (PtX), this electricity can then be used to produce synthetic fuels in an almost carbon-neutral way. A study by Fraunhofer ISI shows: Morocco could become an exporter of carbon-neutral energy sources.


Press Release / 12.8.2019

What are the future topics of applied research?

Together with other institutes of the Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research, Fraunhofer ISI has identified the most important future topics of applied research. In a foresight process, technological and societal developments were analysed with regard to their innovation potential and their relevance for applied research. Some spotlight topics such as geoengineering were discussed particularly controversially.

Project / 30.7.2019

Putting stakeholders at the heart of CCUS dialogue

The project STRATEGY CCUS has started. In the blog Dr. Elisabeth Dütschke and Julius Wesche describe their  work package “Stakeholder engagement“. The Fraunhofer ISI analyses the social acceptance and stakeholders' perceptions, needs and concerns to secure the early and pro-active participation of all relevant groups early in the elaboration of the CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage) development plans.

Press Release / 10.7.2019

Recommendations for the EU: 100 innovations that could radically change value chains

Fraunhofer ISI coordinated an international futures research team, which explored technical and social innovations that could radically change value chains in the coming years. The Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer (RIBRI) report identified 100 potential innovation breakthroughs in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics or biomedicine, and indicates how the EU can prepare for them.  

Press Release / 10.7.2019

Only the right design turns car bans into effective policy instruments

Car bans for conventional drive trains are one possible measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve sustainability goals. The Fraunhofer ISI and the Simon Fraser University (Canada) have developed recommendations on how car bans could be implemented in a meaningful way.

Press Release / 25.6.2019

Alternative powertrains for HDVs under discussion

According to a study by Fraunhofer ISI, trucking companies are open to switching to alternative powertrains. Developments in technology and infrastructure and political support are needed to turn this basic willingness into an actual change.


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