Lecture  /  November 29, 2023, 5.30–7.30 p.m.

Making Sense of China's New Industrial Policies

On November 29, Berry Naughton, Doug Fuller & Ilaria Mazzocco will be virtual guests at Fraunhofer ISI with their lecture »Making Sense of China's New Industrial Policies«.

The ISI lecture series bundles exciting topics from the Fraunhofer ISI portfolio and offers opportunities for discussion and exchange at regular intervals.



Contrary to common belief, in the first ~25 years of the Reform Era, China largely eschewed industrial policy. Starting from about 2010, however, China began engaging in industrial policy on a very large scale. China's new industrial policies have mobilised massive amounts of capital and target a broad swath of industries and technologies, from semi-conductors to new materials, batteries and electric vehicles, and diverse renewable-energy technologies.

Yet much about this effort remains poorly understood. How much money, really, is pouring into these industries? What policy instruments and institutions are being used to steer this effort and guide companies? What is the role of state and private actors, respectively, and do these distinctions even still mean much? How successful have these industrial policies been and what role (if any) have they played in the domestic and international market success of some of Chinese producers? To what extent are they enabling China to move up the value chain, and what impacts are they having on the international division of labour and global value networks? Finally, what are the implications for Europe and Germany?

To discuss these and other questions, the Symposium will feature keynote talks by Barry Naughton, Doug Fuller and Ilaria Mazzocco, followed by a roundtable discussion and Q&A. As our speakers are joining us from the US, the event will take place online (MS Teams).



Berry Naughton

Berry Naughton holds the So Kwan Lok Chair Professorship of Chinese International Affairs at University of California San Diego, and is one of the world's leading authorities on the Chinese economy and policy-

making. Most recently, he has written a monograph on Chinese industrial policy, and co-edited a volume on Chinese state capitalism. He received his PhD in economics from Yale.

Doug Fuller

Doug Fuller is Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School. He studies the political economy of development and technology policy in East Asia, focusing mainly on China and Taiwan. In particular, he is an expert on the semi-conductor industry and China's effort to develop leading companies and technology competencies in this sector. He received his PhD in political science from MIT.

Ilaria Mazzocco

Ilaria Mazzocco is a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC. She is a specialist on electric vehicle industry as well as the role regional governments play in economic and industrial policy-making in China. She also studies China's climate and energy policies. She received her PhD in political science from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.