Beyond AI: What comes after machine learning?

Research questions

  • When does specialized AI become general AI that is superior to humans?
  • What would be the impacts on society of another quantum leap in AI technology?
  • Beyond AI: What future scenarios are there that are not compatible with our current understanding? What alternative AI futures are possible?  


Environmental research and governance in the digital age

The questions in this project for the German Federal Environment Agency concern how digitization and AI can be used for environmental issues and how this can support the planned social-environmental transformation of our economy. In addition, the aim is to develop approaches that help the environment ministry to address the transformation productively and position itself with regard to environmental research and governance.  

BOHEMIA: Beyond the Horizon – Foresight in Support of the Preparation of the EU‘s Future Policy in Research and Innovation

Four Key Transition Areas for the EU R&I policy were identified in this foresight project. The Key Transition Area »Innovation: Harnessing the forces of change« is based on the assumption that the data-driven digital economy, automation and artificial intelligence could drive the development disrupting further established businesses and markets.

RIBRI – Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer

In this foresight project we have identified 100 Radical Innovation Breakthroughs for the future. Artificial Intelligence and Robots were considered to be important enabling technologies triggering radical breakthroughs.

Foresight Fraunhofer – future topics for applied research

“Foresight Fraunhofer” identified 51 future topics for applied research in 2030. The key topics defined as “Spotlights” include algorithms and hybrid software architectures, for example (Brain, Bio Inspired Electronics, Biohybrid, Cyber Reasoning Systems, Deep Learning – AI, Neuromorphic Chip, Small Data Algorithms, Soft Robots, Swarm Robot Intelligence).