A single knowledge transfer strategy for institutes of the Lukasiewicz Research Network Poland

Poland has initiated a reform of its R&D policy aimed at consolidating the country's research and development activities and improving cooperation between science and industry. To address applied research in particular and thus the science-business link, the Łukasiewicz Research Network (LRN) was founded at the beginning of April 2019 as a network of Polish research institutes with different research focuses. Currently, the network consists of 26 institutes in 12 Polish cities and is coordinated by the Łukasiewicz Centre. The central task of the network is applied, industry-oriented research as well as knowledge and technology transfer. One of the main objectives in this context is to increase the commercialisation of the research and development results generated in the institutes. The objective of the project is therefore to develop a single knowledge transfer strategy for all institutes of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

The project has two basic objectives: On the one hand, it aims to support national agencies in capacity building for the development and implementation of reform policies with an integrated, coherent approach. In addition, it addresses the identification and implementation of good practices, drawing on successful practices and experiences from other countries.

To this end, an understanding of the requirements and existing obstacles in knowledge transfer is created, a proposal for a knowledge transfer strategy is developed and discussed with stakeholders, and a plan for the implementation of the strategy is designed.


The methodology of the project is based on the following elements:

  • Literature and document analysis on knowledge transfer and existing barriers in the LRN network, the LRN institutes and cooperation partners
  • Interviews and focus groups with relevant stakeholders
  • Stakeholder survey
  • Case studies to analyse European examples with relevance for the Polish context
  • Presentation of the results in a summary report.

On this basis, priority areas of the knowledge transfer strategy for the Łukasiewicz Research Network will be developed and discussed in interactive formats and validated. On this basis, the strategy and implementation plan will be finalised.






European Commission, DG Reform


AARC (coordination), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd (EPRD)