Industry 4.0 in Kazakhstan: Potential, perspectives and role of policy

Based on the decision of the government of Kazakhstan to modernize its business sector and in particular its mining, agriculture and manufacturing sector by implementing elements of Industry 4.0, the Kazakh Industry Development Institute KIDI commissioned the Fraunhofer Institutes for Systems and Innovation Research ISI in Karlsruhe and the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF in Magdeburg to conduct a study on the potential and perspectives of Industry 4.0 in Kazakhstan and on the perspectives for policy.



The study is divided into seven work packages stipulated in the technical specifications:

  1. Overview of global trends and practices for Industry 4.0 implementation in industry
  2. Development of a methodology for the analysis and determination of industry sectors' readiness for the implementing the elements of Industry 4.0 in the Republic of Kazakhstan
  3. Analysis of readiness for implementing the elements of Industry 4.0 in accordance with the methodology cooperating with the customer
  4. Development of the set of measures for technological modernization to 2025
  5. Assessment of the socio-economic impact of implementing the elements of Industry 4.0 in the sectors of Kazakhstan to 2025
  6. Assisting in the presentation of the set of measures to the stakeholders, participation in meetings
  7. Selection of enterprises for implementing at least 7 pilot projects of the "model digital factory" concept and selection reasoning.



The different work packages have been addressed by applying various methodological approaches, be it in the frame of a literature and document analysis, quantitative and qualitative research (interviews at companies and with policy makers) or own survey. A particular focus has been put on the development of a conceptual approach for analysing and monitoring the degree of readiness of Kazakh manufacturing companies towards Industry 4.0. This approach went beyond the exclusive focus on technology and included the organization of production and logistics, the consideration of management and strategy and of employees and communication.





Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute


Fraunhofer IFF