The role of public authorities at events - development of instruments for analyzing the impact of public information formats on the topic of electricity grid expansion (BfS ROBIN)

The subject of the study is the risk communication measures for which the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) is responsible in the area of low-frequency and static electric and magnetic fields (EMF) in connection with the expansion of the electricity grid in Germany. An impact analysis design is to be developed for these, which on the one hand is suitable for the different types of measures and on the other hand contains indicators that enable a comparative evaluation of the overall portfolio of measures.

  1. Survey of the current state of knowledge on risk communication in the context of EMF and power grid expansion as well as the development of a concept for an impact analysis design
  2. Design and operationalization of an impact analysis design for the information services of the KEMF/BfS
  3. Creation of a toolbox based on the design and for evaluation and testing in the context of KEMF information events
  4. Finalization of the impact analysis concept and development of a toolbox

Evaluation methods: text analyses, interviews, surveys, process observations