Dr. Simone Wurster

Project Manager

Dr. Wurster joined Fraunhofer ISI as a project manager in 2023. Her main areas of research include innovation, quality infrastructure and regulation as well as sustainability and the circular economy.
In addition to her many years as a project manager at the TU Berlin in the field of innovation economics, where she is now a guest researcher, she also has in-depth experience as a project manager and consultant for technology companies. She has worked for the OECD on several occasions and also contributes her expertise to a German ministry.

Dr. Wurster has participated in a wide range of national and European research projects as a project leader, a work package leader and a sub-project leader, particularly in the contexts of standardization and certification, blockchain, the bioeconomy and circular economy as well as civil security. She has published more than 60 scientific articles, including two books, and has received several awards.

Dr. Wurster has also participated in several OECD missions, co-authored OECD SME Policy Index Reports on Standards and Technical Regulations, and initiated and co-edited a Special Journal Issue on the Circular Economy, Innovation and Quality Infrastructure.

In 2023, Dr. Wurster accepted an invitation from the Brazilian Federal University UFABC and completed a work mission on the topic "2030Agenda4ABC," focussed on the creation of a sustainable development agenda for the Brazilian industrial region "ABC" in Greater São Paulo and the German investments in its value chains.

Dr. Wurster studied business administration at the TH Brandenburg and innovation management and marketing as a postgraduate at the University of Potsdam to prepare for her PhD thesis. She graduated with a degree in business administration (Diplombetriebswirtin (FH)) and the qualification for a doctorate (Master equivalent), awarded by the University of Potsdam.

She completed her doctorate at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Potsdam at BIEM CEIP on the topic of "Born Global Standard Establishers -Influence and Success Factors for Standard Setting and Maintenance by Born Global Companies" with the distinction "Summa cum laude".

Since 2011, Dr. Wurster has also been working in standardization at the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). She coordinated the development of several DIN SPECs and was co-author of a European CWA.