Priorities for Addressing Opportunities and Gaps of Industrial Biotechnology for an efficient use of funding resources (PROGRESS)

Industrial biotechnology (IB) employs organisms or parts thereof such as tissues, cells, cell extracts or isolated enzymes in order to produce a wide range of products including food and feed, consumer products (laundry and dish washing agents), building blocks for chemical synthesis as well as pharmaceuticals. It is considered to be one of the most promising, innovative approaches towards providing solutions for the transformation from a fossil towards a bio-based economy. However, while the potential of IB for Europe is enormous, significant hurdles to realize the potential remain, such as the mismatch between R&D&I activities and demand, lock-ins to fossil-based pathways, fragmentation of markets and competencies etc.

The overall aim of Progress bio was to support and accelerate the deployment of IB in the EU industry by identifying high-value opportunities for IB and proposing actions to address them successfully. For that purpose, we first provided a comprehensive and dependable information base (including modelling and simulation approaches), which allows plausible estimations on the future of IB in the EU in the short- and medium-term. Second, we elaborated in collaboration with stakeholders a future scenario and a common vision for IB in Europe, containing most promising value chains, related R&D&I needs and necessitated policies for IB in Europe. Based on these steps, we provided strategic advice for research, industry and policy regarding potential issues/topics for collaboration, future policy programmes, the required technological infrastructure, capabilities, and economic structures. A main focus was to identify opportunities for collaboration between EU member states and proposed actions to increase awareness and incentives for those collaborations.




  • European Commission, DG Research & Innovation