Potential analysis and roadmapping of Bio-intelligence for Baden-Württemberg


The economy and society are faced with a variety of challenges, such as climate change, the replacement of fossil raw materials and rapidly changing needs, consumption patterns and behavior in society. Even highly innovative sectors of the economy in Germany and Baden-Württemberg are thus under massive pressure to adapt and be prepared for a future-oriented transformation. Such a process can be driven by BioIntelligence.

BioIntelligence builds upon the concept of biological transformation and describes the increasing convergence of biology, technology and information technology. This results in far-reaching technical possibilities for new products, processes and materials for the requirements of the future. BioIntelligence is not limited to the convergence of scientific and technological fields, but also requires major changes in cooperation structures. This should enable the development of new cross-sectoral value creation systems and the synergistic interaction of areas of business and science that have hitherto operated separately from one another.



The aim of the study is to identify the innovation potentials of biointelligence in central, exemplary value chains in Baden-Württemberg and which actions must be taken for successful implementation.

Therefore, promising topic areas in relevant value creation systems are first identified in a participatory approach. Then, for each topic area, promising approaches for biointelligence are identified with representatives from research and industry in Baden-Württemberg, their potential is analysed and the necessary implementation steps are derived.



June 2020 to February 2021


  • Landesgesellschaft BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg und Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau Baden-Württemberg