Environmental Information


Systematics, potential and utilization in the context of digitization


The digital transformation is changing our society in all areas of life and industry. The task of politics is to shape this change for the benefit of society. The main focus for the Federal Government is to use the economic opportunities of digitization to secure prosperity and progress in Germany. The Ministry of the Environment is contributing to these economic goals by promoting an increasingly digitized Green Economy, thus securing jobs and a good position for Germany in global markets of the future. With the current project "Environmental Information: Systematics, Potentials and Utilization in the Context of Digitization", the potentials of environmental information for digital business models are analyzed in particular.

In addition, the Federal Ministry for the Environment pursues the goal of shaping the digital transformation ecologically. On the one hand, risks from ecologically unfavorable trends must be mitigated. On the other hand, opportunities for ecologically desirable developments should be exploited. In this sense, the project is also about how the ecological potential of environmental information can be better exploited by digital business models.




The project intends to further systematise environmental information based on the definition of the Environmental Information Act in a manner that is action-oriented. Their significance should be examined in the context of digitization, trends identified and their (environmental and socio-political, economic etc.) potential estimated. In addition, best practice in their exploitation should illustrate the environmental benefits of environmental information and free access to it.



2018 - 2020


  • Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)


  • Roland Berger