Business case to increase female employment in transport (FemTR)


Upon request of the European Commission, Ecorys, Fraunhofer ISI, Panteia and PwC are conducting a study on increasing female employment in transport. The objective of the study is to make a business case for women’s employment in transport highlighting the positive impacts that increasing female employment can have to transport sector companies.



Outputs of this study will include:

  • A case study series of good industry practices presenting measures adopted by industry frontrunners to boost the employment of female workers in transport.
  • An economic benefit toolkit to support the development and assessment of company-level measures.
  • A business case highlighting the benefits of increasing female participation to the workforce, to stimulate positive action of companies across the EU transport sector.



09/2017 - 08/2018




  • Ecorys
  • PwC
  • Panteia
  • Fraunhofer ISI