Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network (CRM_InnoNet)

Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network (CRM_InnoNet) is funded under the NMP theme of the EC 7th Framework Programme. CRM_InnoNet aims to create an integrated community that will drive innovation in the field of Critical Raw Material substitution for the benefit of EU industry. In particular, the project will survey current EU initiatives in the field of substitution of Critical Raw Materials, produce a methodology for prioritisation of "threatened" applications and deliver a Critical Raw Materials Substitution Roadmap. A Pole of Excellence for substitution of Critical Raw Materials will be created to provide a dynamic, open and proactive platform for the entire stakeholder community, also through an interactive website to allow engagement of the diverse substitution community with the project. Finally, the project team, in collaboration with the Pole of Excellence, will prepare recommendations, future initiative ideas and suggested actions for policy makers.

Fraunhofer ISI is leading Work Package 3 "Bottom-up mapping of Critical Raw Materials landscape" including both policy and technical aspects.




  • EU (DG Research)


  • Chemistry Innovation Knowledge Transfer Network (Coordination) – United Kingdom

  • Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe – Belgium

  • Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux energies alternatives – France

  • Conseil Européen de l’Industrie Chimique – Belgium

  • D’appolonia – Italy

  • European Materials Research Society – France

  • C-Tech Innovation – United Kingdom

  • Federación Empresarial de la Industrial Química Española – Spain

  • SWEREA MEFOS – Sweden

  • PNO Consultants – Belgium

  • SEMI Europe – France

  • SINTEF – Norway

  • Tecnalia – Spain

  • TNO – The Netherlands

  • Delft University of Technology – The Netherlands

  • VTT – Finland