Strategic Competence Development in non-research intensive SME of the manufacturing industry (StraKosphere)

The research project “Strategic Competence Development in non research-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) of the manufacturing industry (StraKosphere)“ develops and conducts initial tests of instruments and concepts of strategic competence development which specifically design competences particularly of semi-skilled and unskilled production employees along strategic company objectives. This improves the exploitation of the related potentials for process innovations.

In cooperation with the partners the research project StraKosphere develops new solutions for strategic competence development which are specifically adapted to the requirements and framework conditions of non research-intensive SME, taking account of the areas "Organization" and "employees". They make it possible to sustainably support the competences of production employees – particularly of those semi-skilled and unskilled production employees who up to now have been considered to be resistant to learning, in order to specifically increase the potentials of innovation capability.

In order to answer the research questions and achieve the project objectives a multi-methodological research design is used. This encompasses the quantitative secondary analysis of operating data, field research in the form of qualitative expert interviews and group-based processes of action research (company workshops).

The following solutions need to be developed which will be made available to other enterprises in the form of a reference method after the project has been completed:

  • Method to assess medium and long term requirements for the company and the resulting competence needs.

  • Method to assess and arrange organizational processes, structures and interfaces for competence management.

  • Selecting approved, work-integrated and cooperative methods and instruments to specifically develop and expand competences of production employees.




  • DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.