Tracking of Research Results

The objective of this study as is to enable policy makers in the Research and Innovation Family to gain access to a richer and more complete set of information that would contribute to their policy making operations. It thus aims to enable R&I policy makers to analyze the outcomes and impacts of EU-funded research results in a more comprehensive manner. This will be achieved through four tasks:

  • Design of a methodology for tracking research results – Task 1
  • Setting up a repository of data sources and collection of data – Task 2
  • Analysis of and reporting on the collected data – Task 3
  • Training of European Commission staff – Task 4

The scope includes the projects funded under FP7 Cooperation Specific Programme, covering approximately 8000 projects, covering 5 types of instruments and 10 thematic areas. The tracking will be done through 14 indicators including output, outcome and impact indicators. We will thereby identify information about publications, IPR, new products based on them, inventors and patents as well as startups and enterprises that exploit them.

Data collection, linking and enriching data, data analysis regarding EU-funded research outputs

Bibliometrics, patent analyses, matching of data, textmining

Repository of data on EU funded research & analyses of their outputs, outcome and impacts


12.10.2018 – 31.7.2019


Public Policy and Management Institute Lithuania (PPMI) in a project for the European Commission – DG RTD


  • PPMI
  • Ontotext
  • Intrasoft