Scientific support for the development of a Digital Maturity Check in the course of the cooperation between Fraunhofer ISI, SAP and Netconomy

This project focused on scientific support for developing a Digital Maturity Check and redesigning this short assessment tool on the status of digitalization in large and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  

ased on a prototype designed in the company, the aim was to develop a short assessment tool on the state of digitalization in large and medium-sized businesses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To provide a context and framework for digital maturity checks, a literature analysis was conducted to reveal the systematic criteria and assessment dimensions of digitalization in companies. This led to designing a tool, which can assess the state of digitalization in companies using minimum indicators. This tool provides a meaningful classification of the companies on the one hand and at the same time clearly indicates development potentials. On the other hand, it is short and concise enough to advertise and use on social media.  

The project kicked off with a workshop with the client. A literature analysis of existing digitalization checks was then performed in order to position the targeted online tool. In addition, a demand analysis was conducted together with the client based on the original proposal. Based on these specifications and content requirements, a survey instrument was designed and operationalized, and the indices were developed for the five identified dimensions.  

As a result, the client obtained an overview of the most important digitalization checks incl. systematic short descriptions, a detailed feedback on the original design and the design planned for the online tool incl. the questionnaire and the assessments. The intensive discussions about content and the intermediate stages while developing the design were also relevant for the client.  


08/2020 – 10/2020


NETCONOMY Software & Consulting GmbH