Know-how Exchange on the Consequences and Challenges of the Integration of Key Enabling Technologies in European Manufacturing for the Danube Region: Special Focus on the Integration of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies AMT

The successful integration of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in the industrial value chain is the necessary condition in securing high value manufacturing. Germany, as a leading industrial nation, plays one or the key role in this process in Europe. Connecting value chains between companies in Germany and other Danube countries will be directly affected by their adoption of KETs in the coming years. Therefore, the success in adoption of such technologies in other countries of the Danube region plays a crucial role for the competitiveness of German industry as well.

Starting from this assumption Fraunhofer ISI has founded with leading manufacturing research institutions from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary, the transnational research network “DanKETwork“. As a research and exchange platform between science and industry DanKETwork has allowed the development of joint project ideas in regard to adoption of industrial KETs in Danube countries as well as development of joint project proposals. Furthermore, several discussions with companies from partner countries showed that the different aspects of the successful adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies as the most important KETs are experienced as one of the biggest challenges of recent small and medium size manufacturers in the Danube region. Thus, the partners developed a specific project concept for holistic integration and implementation of KETs in industrial enterprises in the partner's countries which is going to be concretized in the further work of the consortium with respect to the advanced manufacturing technologies.




  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. Projektträger im DLR


  • University of Zagreb
  • University of Maribor
  • University of Enconomics and Management Praha
  • Széchenyi István Egyetem Györ
  • Bulgarian Association for Management Development and Entrepreneurship
  • SC IPA Sa – Research & Development Engineering and Manufacturing for Automation Equipement and Systems Bucharest
  • University of Novi Sad