Support for the Review and Update of the Bavarian Research, Innovation and Technology Strategy – Strategy Process 2019

With the “Concept for the Research, Technology and Innovation Policy of the Bavarian State Government”, the Free State of Bavaria set a strategic course already in 2011, two years before the European Commission demanded explicit “strategies for smart specialization” for the 2014-2020 funding period. On the basis of this existing strategy, Prognos AG and Fraunhofer ISI are supporting the development of a new Bavarian RTDI-strategy for the period 2021-2027.

The original Bavarian RTDI-strategy of 2011 prioritized six fields of application and technology. Since 2015, these have been bundled into five specialization fields for external communication: Digitisation, Energy, Mobility, Health and Materials. Since the development of RIS3 strategies remains a prerequisite for the allocation of ERDF funding in the coming funding period, the above specialisation fields will have to be reconsidered by 2020 with a view to both the exact wording used and the concrete target groups and measures grouped addressed under their heading. Against the background of increasing competitive pressure, moreover, the Bavarian State Government has a considerable self-interest in updating and further developing its current reference documents, which are well over five years old and do not yet take sufficient account of current developments, challenges and strengths.

Within the framework of the project, the contractors will begin by establishing Bavarias global position as a location for science and innovation to subsequently identify concrete trends and dynamics in the aforementioned fields of specialization. While the former will be based primarily on detailed analyses of secondary data, the latter will be developed through broad-based surveys and consultations of regional actors.

With the Support for the Review and Update of the Bavarian Research, Innovation and Technology Strategy, the Bavarian State Ministry has commissioned both an analytical study and the provision of informaed, yet practical support during the strategy process itself. The project is build around three main working steps:

  1. a benchmark establishing Bavaria's current position with a view to RTDI performance and its attractiveness as an RTDI location
  2. an evaluation of existing RTDI funding since the first approval of the 2011 strategy
  3. the identification of specialisations, (new) approaches for funding measures and a monitoring and evaluation concept.

Eventually, this will be summarised as recommendations for an update of Bavaria's RTDI-strategy document for the 2021-2027 period.

  1. Analysis and documentation of Bavaria's international positioning (Literature analysis, Background discussions, Statistical analyses)
  2. Retrospective evaluation of the initial 2011 RTDI-strategy (Statistical analysis of KPIs (monitoring), Interview-based evaluation)
  3. Support in developing the content of the new RTDI strategy (Kick-off conference, 10 workshops, Creation of a RIS3 checklist)


Expert report & detailed recommendations on the new RTDI strategy


1.1.2019 – 31.12.2019


Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie


  • Prognos AG