Activities against the impacts of demographic change – shrinking societies in comparison (SHRINK)

Demographic change with aging and a “shrinking” of the society were and are assumed especially for Germany, Italy, Japan, and Switzerland but in future also for China. Although the situation in Europe might change, the assumption will stay relevant for still a while. Within the project SHRINK, we try to identify some consequences the demographic change may have or already has. In qualitative analysis, desk research and interviews, we look for long-term and short-term activities or policy programmes against the negative consequences of the demographic change in the countries mentioned. We ask which measures have already been implemented and which ones are intended.

The approaches having a learning effect for Germany are chosen and described. In interviews and further research, we examine more closely what relevance these approaches might have and how they could be implemented in Germany (as far as they haven’t been yet) or whether they make sense at all in the German context. From this, recommendations for possible future research projects are derived and, thus, the fundamentals for further joint funding as well as relevant topics that need to be kept on the agenda are explored.


07/2015 − 06/2016