What the FAQ, informatics?

Our project gathers questions on the topic of computer science, especially those relating to adolescents and young adults who are only poorly computer literate. Even though they use their phones on a regular basis, they often times lack access to education in computer science or essential background knowledge to the issue. This is why we would like to work with youth centres, schools and other educational institutions. Subsequently, the questions are passed on to science which will then divide them into the three categories »exciting«, »surprising« and "there are already some good answers to it". The answers are then, in turn, communicated back to society through a podcast, a tiktok and twitter account. Particularly tricky questions will be in-depth explored within three co-creative workshops. Those workshops will not only include discussions regarding the topic, but also crafting: By using Arduine, cardboard and wire, we will develop speculative design objects together with the participants.

On 07.11.2022, we went on a journey into different futures with the visitors of the Berlin Science Week and our artists-in-lab at the Fraunhofer Forum. For further information, listen to our podcast »Neugefragt« (only available in German language).


02/2022 – 12/2022


Federal Ministry of Education and Research