Which bioeconomy do you want to live in - the choice is yours!

The bioeconomy is a concept that encompasses a wide variety of approaches to an economy based on biological resources and knowledge. However, since the bioeconomy not only calls for technical solutions, but also addresses social, political and economic aspects, it is necessary to make the topic accessible to a broader audience beyond specialist circles and to enter into an exchange with them.

The Bio-Wahl project aimed to make the concept of the bioeconomy accessible and tangible to a broader audience, as well as to enter into a discursive exchange about it and how it can be designed from a social, technological, political and ecological perspective.

For this exchange with the public, various communication formats that have been used in political discourse were implemented for the first time for the topic of bioeconomy. An app was developed that allows users to explore their preferences in relation to the topic of the bioeconomy, similar to the Wahl-O-Mat, and thus to position themselves in the discourse of the bioeconomy. In addition, a digital panel discussion - "the Wahlarena Zukunft Bioökonomie" - was held in the style of the election events on public television, with experts discussing the issue with interested members of the public.

The video of the virtual panel discussion event "Wahlarena Zukunft Bioökonomie", which took place in the context of the science festival effekte 2021 on 14.06.2021, can be found here.

The target group of the project included interested members of the public, primarily schoolchildren and young people, teachers, families and people of all ages and social backgrounds interested in science, with a regional focus on the areas Karlsruhe, Heilbronn and Frankfurt/Main.


03/2021 − 12/2021


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)

Watch "Wahlarena Zukunft Bioökonomie" on YouTube.