Actors and Acceptance in the Transformation of the Energy System

In this business unit, the peoples' attitudes and needs as well as their decision making processes and behaviors in the transition of the energy system are analyzed. The focus is on a broad understanding of acceptance as social acceptance of innovations, policies and technologies. This means that individuals are not only seen as citizens, but also as political, economic and social actors with different roles, e.g. as decision-makers, influencers, investors or those affected - in addition to examining the interactions between individuals, groups and institutions. 

The main areas of interest are acceptance and actor analyses for new energy carriers and related infrastructures (e.g. renewable technologies, electric mobility, CO2 capture and storage) and of the energy system transition (e.g. new business models and tariff structures, influence on lifestyle, policies). These are linked to transitions and innovation research.

Coordinator of the Business Unit is Dr. Elisabeth Dütschke.